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What is CineMoiWorld?

CineMoiWorld is an immersive platform that renders a 3D virtual world, with cities such as New York, Paris and London. Users can experience, through an avatar, luxury stores, museums, theaters, international tourism, live shows, events, and so much more.

How many people can play at once?

Don’t worry, you can play with as many of your friends at the same time. We’re handling it.

What devices are compatible with CineMoiWorld?

CineMoiWorld can be played on phones and tablets (iOS & Android). It will be available on web browsers soon.

Are there any age restrictions for players?

You need to be 13 and over to be able to play with CineMoiWorld.

How much does it cost?

CineMoiWorld is free. You can play, travel on to the different venues and stores. If you would like to visit a museum, watch a movie, or buy clothes, you will have to buy some CinéCoins.